Fashion Data

Design for the exhibition Fashion Data, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, 13/09/2015 – 08/05/2016.

Fashion Data investigated on the ecological, social and economical implications of the fast fashion industry through a series of facts and statistics. These datas were visualised and displayed together with an installation by Conny Groenewegen, Fashion Machine, a gigantic DIY machine made to weave endless amounts of wasted fleece in the exhibition space. 

Thought as one linear sequence the datas were printed onto a series of loosely hanged oversized posters; a way to give a certain impact to the reading of the tremendous quantitites at stake when talking about waste in the Fast Fashion industry. The line functioned as the basic structural element of each visualisation, turning at times the datas into drawings or vice versa as it was used to count and represent quantities but was also the element allowing the construction of figurative signs that were part of the narrative.

A pamphlet was designed to publish an essay and highlight the practices of fashion designers whose practices are considered responsible and critical in regards to waste in the industry.

Publication: 420 × 148mm, 20 p.